Strategic Planning


Crescent School District

2018- 19 Strategic Planning 

In July of 2018 the Crescent Board of Directors contracted with David Engle to facilitate a strategic planning process.  David retired as superintendent of the Port Townsend School district about five years ago. David has significant experience supporting school districts in the area of strategic planning.

The board intends to develop a five-year strategic plan with measurable goals, is flexible, realistic and identifies ways to help serve the needs of students. The committee hopes to take a strategic plan to the board for their approval in June or July of 2019.

Strategic Planning Team

        David Engleteam pulling together

Committee Members
        Trisha Haggerty, Board Chair
        Susan Hopper, Board Vice-Chair
        Ann Chang, School Director
        Lee Evinger, School Director
        Dara Peppard, School Director
        David Bingham, Superintendent/Principal
​        Helen Lastovica, Teacher/Academic Counselor
​        Ricardo Garica, Teacher/Librarian/Olympic Peninsula HomeConnection
        Barb Silva, Teacher/Ocean Guardian Community Garden Coordinator  

Meeting Schedule
Meetings are held in the school library/ 5:30 to 8:30

August 8, 2018
Crescent Pillars
September 13, 2018  Powerpoint Summary #1
October 18, 2018 Powerpoint Summary #2
Wishes for the Genie
November 8, 2018
Powerpoint Summary #3
Hybrid Learning and Teaching Goal Statements
Draft Learning and Teaching Goal Statements
December 11, 2018
Community-Related Goal Statements

 Draft Goal Statement #1:

"Crescent School, tucked between the mountains and the sea, will capitalize on its Olympic Peninsula heritage and geography. Students at Crescent will receive an innovative educational/learning experience utilizing our community partnerships and natural Northwest surroundings. Our teachers are supported to be creative and to foster a joyful and engaging learning environment."

January 17, 2019 Powerpoint #6
Crescent Community Connections Goal Statement
Goal #3, 1st Draft: Facilities
February 21, 2019
Powerpoint #7
Crescent Community Connections Goal Statement
Fiscal Goal Statements from 3 Groups
March 14, 2019
Crescent Combined Goals
April 11, 2019
Powerpoint #8
Crescent Goals and Objectives and Actions
May 16, 2019
Crescent Goals and Objectives 051619
June 27, 2019
Presentation at the regular June board meeting