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2017-18 Game Schedule

Team Roster

Click this link to view the 2016 Crescent Basketball Expectations Packet

Crescent Loggers Basketball Packet 2016

Pride Chart Winners--Most Valuable Player

2016: Wyatt McNeece
2017: Neil Peppard

1000 Shot Club:

2016: Neil Peppard
2017: KC Spencer, Eric Emery

Crescent Basketball Core Values



We want players who will show up EVERY day, ready to focus solely on basketball, for the time we spend together.  Commitment includes making healthy life choices, avoiding substances that inhibit athletic performance, and time management skills



 Mental Toughness

Every player will be challenged and pushed beyond their comfort level every day. Practices will be harder than games. Every day you will be asked to give more than the previous day. Satisfaction is the enemy. We want continuous improvement.


 Work Ethic

Those who work the hardest, will reap the benefits of their hard work.  There will be ample opportunity for the hardest working athletes to find time on the floor, even if they are less talented than the “best” players.



The Crescent Basketball Program will strive to create a competitive environment in every manner. In practice, score will be kept in every drill or situation, there will be a winner and a loser, and losing will be negatively reinforced. You must hate losing more than you like winning to be successful at basketball.


 Positive Talk

The power of positive talk is an underrated aspect in the world today. We will speak positively of ourselves, of others, and to others. We will respect all, fear none.  We will work to create a positive environment!